Aug 28 2008

Conference Proceedings

Published by ykim

2008-09-12: Note: Please wait before ordering hard copies of proceedings to be delivered to Western Europe:
Lulu is experiencing printing problems for copies of the proceedings that are to be delivered in this area (which apparently ship from Spain). We are working with them to remedy the problem. We will update you once we know more. Sorry for the inconvenience.
(All copies produced in the United States seem to be unaffected.)

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In order to keep registration costs down and to save paper, we have decided to distribute electronic copies of this year’s ISMIR proceedings at the conference (on a USB thumb drive). If you would like a printed version of the proceedings, you must order your own copy from our recommended print-on-demand supplier,, or print out your own copy by downloading the free pdf that is also posted at (both are available via the link to the right).

Each copy of the 692-page proceedings costs US $18.35 plus shipping; shipping to the conference site via US Postal Service costs US $5.55 and takes about 5-6 business days.

If you wish, you can have your proceedings delivered to you at home. There should still be time for it to arrive before you leave for the conference. Equally, you can order the printed copy to be delivered to your home to refer to after the conference is complete, and avoid having to carry home it in your luggage.

If you prefer, you can order it to be delivered at the conference site. In this case, please enter the following delivery address:

    Your Name
    c/o METlab, ECE Dept.
    Drexel University
    3141 Chestnut Street,
    Philadelphia, PA 19104-2875
    tel:215 895 2241

We will have all the proceedings that are delivered at the registration desk for you to pick up. If you choose this option, please be sure to place your order by Tuesday September 2nd to ensure it arrives on site in time.

We hope that you will like this new approach to printing the proceedings, which we intend to be more cost effective, more convenient, and, with luck, more environmentally friendly than mass printing of proceedings for all attendees who may not wish to carry a printed copy around.

Please feel free to contact us if you encounter any problems at ismir08-papers AT ismir DOT net.

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